Happy Mew Year

See you next year!




Cat Patrol and Lounging

Puffy here. Today was a normal day; I came inside, ate my kibble, drank some water. Then I patrolled the house, checking for any strange smells or maybe even a mouse. Then I came back downstairs and lounged near a bunch of cords. I wasn’t really lounging; I was guarding the cords. Fortunately for HuMom, I don’t chew cords, I guard them.

What’s that? I heard a rustle.

Oh. Just a stinkbug. Eew. Back to guarding.


Apps 4 Cats

I love playing games on the human’s smartphone. Here are my top 5 games.

1. Meowfit. A great app that has fishing, a mouse, bugs, and a laser.
2. Cat Toys 3D. A great game with extremely realistic sounds for a crow, laser, and rat (my fave)

3. Cat Alone. This has ladybugs, a finger under a blanket, a laser, squiggly “doodling”, flys, and roaches. My fave is the finger under the blanket.

4. Friskies Catfishing. Another great game with 3 levels of fishies and realistic splashing sounds.

5. Friskies Happy Wings. Has dragonflies, and hummingbirds with realistic wing and tweeting sounds.

          There ya go, folks! Puffy