Dear Puffy: Advice from Professer Puffy

Having Problems With Humans? Professer Puffy Can Answer Your Questions And Fix Your Problems! Have A Question That’s Not Already Answered? Pop Me A Comment!

Q: Why doesn’t Human let me sharpen my claws on her furniture?

A: Well, Humans don’t like you to mess it up. They say that clawing will ruin the furniture. Try sharpening your claws on a tree root, tree trunk, or ask your Human to get you a scratching post.

Q: Why am I not allowed in certain people’s rooms? I just want to take a nap somewhere quiet!

A: Some Humans are slightly allergic to cats, therefore you can’t be in their rooms. When they get allergic to you they puff up, they get a stuffy nose, and start to feel miserable. Please try to avoid these rooms, because if they get allergic they might get mad at you, and that isn’t pleasant, trust me. Stick to your cat bed, and anywhere else you are allowed to sleep. It will make life easier. If your cat bed is in a noisy place, ask Human to move it somewhere quiet!

Q: How do I get my Human to play with me? She’s always so busy.

A: Try to get your Human’s attention sometime when she’s not too busy. if you have some toys laying around, pick your fave one and take it to your Human. If that doesn’t work, just try playing by yourself- away from Human so you won’t bother her.

Q: Why won’t Human let me drink out of the Christmas tree water for the live tree?
A: Because the Humans love the Christmas tree, and if you drink the water, the tree will die. I suggest that you stick to your original water dish. And if the Humans don’t change your water enough then sometime when Human is around, drink water out the Christmas tree, then once the human notices, go over to your actual dish. Hopefully they will get the right vibe.


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