About Puffy

I got Puffy for Christmas in 2008 when he was a tiny kitten. The reason I named him Puffy is because he looked like he had stuck his paw in a light socket! His fur splayed out EVERYWHERE in the cutest possible way! He’s turning FIVE this year! I love my kitty, and decided to make a blog all about the cutie pa-tutie!

Puffy’s Nicknames:


The Boy


Cuchi Cuchi Baby

Wuchi Wuchi Chaybee



Big Furball

Mister Puff

Puffy The Magnificent

Baby Dawing

I know, there are some strange nicknames on there. 😉

Puffy’s Profile

Fave Hobbies: Sleeping, Exploring

Fave Food/ Cat food brand: Tuna, Meow Mix Tender Centers Tuna-flavored

Fave Toy: Worn Pink Mouse (he’s had it since he was a kitten)

Fave Place to Nap: My Pillow

Fave Color/Colors: Pale Green, Mint Green, Peacock Blue

Fave Movie: Cats And Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore


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