Catnip Tea-A Kitty Recipe

Hello, my fine furry funny felines! Today HuMom is sharing a kitty recipe. Over to you, HuMom!

So, this is a very simple recipe.
You Need:
A pinch or two of catnip
Plastic water bottle
Step 1. Fill the plastic water bottle with a little water
Step 2. Put the catnip in the bottle
Step 3. Put the lid on the bottle and shake
Step 4. Put the “catnip tea” into a water dish and let your cat enjoy!
That’s all you need! And it’s really cat pleasing.


Puffy and HuMom


7 thoughts on “Catnip Tea-A Kitty Recipe

  1. Oh, what a nice idea ! Mum loves to have her cup of tea, thank to you I’ll be able to have one with her ! Purrs

  2. I am going to get the ape to make some of this. It sounds very good. Looks like you have a little side serving of biscuits there too Puffy. Your Humom is very well trained!

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