Thank You, Funny Farmer Felines!

Hello! Guess what?! Funny Farmer Felines interviewed me!!!! If you haven’t heard of their blog or magazine, you should check it out! Their blog is and their magazine is


The interview will be up this Friday!


6 thoughts on “Thank You, Funny Farmer Felines!

  1. Grrr. We wrote a message, hit the wrong key and lost your blog page, so we’ll try to write it again. Entirely our fault.

    We are aware you don’t have full internet access, so posting is a challenge for you. We’ll try to remember to come by tomorrow to leave the permanent link in your comments so your readers can go directly to your interview.

  2. You are adorable, Puffy! We have a Puff in our family. His name is Capt. Puff “Puffypants” McPufferson. He is a medium to long furred boy who is 11 years old.

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