My Tree!

Hello, furry fellow felines! Last Caturday I had a tree adventure. It’s now officially my tree.

HuMom just had to take some photos of me-after all, I am a most handsome kitty cat.


Time to sniff the tree. I need to make sure no other kitty has claimed it.


Nope, it’s mine! Just need to rub rub and everykitty will know it’s mine!


What are you doing here? Oh, right,  I wanted you to take photos of me. But no touching! (I’m saying this to HuMom. I certainly want you here, don’t worry!)


{Side note from HuMom: he can be a bit bossy and also a teeny bit vain

Alright, pawparrizi, get lost. Thank you!


Farewell, my fellow furry felines!



2 thoughts on “My Tree!

  1. Well that is definitely your tree Puffy and may I say that it is greatly improved because of your presence!

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