Happy Mew Year

See you next year!




8 thoughts on “Happy Mew Year

  1. Happy Mew Year Puffy! Furry nice to meet you and your pawrents. We found you thru Jans Funny Farm post. You are a furry handsome kitty boy. You look a lot like our Oreo who am looking fur his furever Mom and Dad. Purrz n Stuff. The Katie Katz

  2. Hiya Puffy! Happy New Year!!
    I am glad to meet you. My name is Texas. I’m a French kitty whose human immigrated to America. I first lived in New York and now in the state named after me.
    I saw you were mentioned on Jan’s Funny Farm’s blog so I thought I’d pay you a visit!
    You know you look a lot like my half-brother Grouik that we lost in 2012. You are furry handsome!

  3. Hello Puffy!
    We hope you enjoyed your New Year’s Celebration. We got a new Vee Featherbouncer, which is Hitch’s favorite toy. The HuMom searched the internet looking for them because Drugstore.com doesn’t carry them anymore. Finally she found them at a price she was willing to pay. It’s been a constant party here since then, between naps of course. So, what is your favorite toy? Well, we’ll check back soon.
    Meow for now!

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