Ahh, Caturday at last. I’m going to write out my Caturday schedule for you.

·Eat kibble. Check.
·Longer cuddle time with Mom. Check.
·Stretch. Check
·Sleep the rest of morning away on Mom’s pillow. Check.
Middle of The Day:
·Eat lunchtime kibble, drink some water.Check.
· Go outside and take a quick walk. Check.
·Inside, go sleep in new castle for a couple of hours. Check.

·Play with feather toy.
·Have some catnip.
· Go back to sleep in castle.

·Keep on sleeping ’till Humans start to prepare dinner.
·Eat dinner kibble and water while the Humans finish preparing dinner.
·Sit politely by Humans dinner table, waiting for any handouts.

·Go back to sleep while Mom watches the old version episodes of Batman on MeTV.
·Have bedtime snack of canned cat soft food.
·Spend half of Caturday night hunting.
·Spend other half of night sleeping outside on my new yellow fleece blanket. (It is tucked in a chair that has a waterproof cover over it)

That my friends, is my Caturday schedule. I forgot to add blogging to the afternoon.


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