Hey, it’s Puffy! The cat who used to post with some regularity… you know. My birthday was great, my cake was turkey-and-giblets (heaven!! lol) with kibble sprinkles. Mom would’ve taken a picture, except she was sooooooo excited (it was her  birthday too) so she forgot. Way to go. Anyway, oh, I probably didn’t even tell ya that my birthday was a couple weeks ago. Mom will be getting my birthday pics up soon so keep that cat eye on the blawg. Mom also made me a castle (squee) out of boxes a couple days ago, and it’s actually pretty awesome. I’ll have pics of that soon, too. I can’t wait for tomorrow-it’s Caturday of coarse! That means the Humans aren’t rushing around, making noise, stuff like that. Last Caturday the Humans brought out the trash-eating monster! Luckily I was in my attic far above the horrible beast! Not that I get scared. Oh, here’s what I got for my birthday: a bag of catnip (finally!), a feather toy, a wonderful yellow fleece blanket, a orange tabby cat cat toy, and sardines in mustard sauce. What a great birthday!  See ya, ladies and gentlecats! -Puffy


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