Long Time, No Post…..

Puffy here. I’m so sorry about no posts…. anyway…………… Human will be back soon to produce the third Catty On The Catwalk post. So……………… you will never believe the ridiculous thing Human made a few days ago…….. I dread it. Ever since Human found the pet top hat online, the one with the green glitter hatband, she has wanted it for me. So she made me one out of black construction paper with a green hatband (also made of construction paper) and whenever I’m asleep she comes over and puts the silly thing on my head, takes a picture, shows it to everybody, and starts laughing like crazy. Boy, I couldn’t get back to sleep for how loud she was! I tried to tear the wretched thing when it fell off my head and into my basket where I was sleeping, but she snatched it away before I could. Even an hour after she’d taken the picture, she was still giggling. Anyway, right now I’m left alone at Human’s house while she’s out visiting somebody. Ooh, time for a nap! Before I go though, here is a bit of advice:

– The Puffster


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