Rain Rain Rain

All there’s been lately is rain, rain, and yet more rain. Ugh. If you humans were cats, you’d understand our hate of this wet stuff. But, well, if you’re a cat reading this, then yay! You actually understand! All I’ve been doing is sleeping in my special spot. My special spot is a pillow on top of a high box in a corner. It’s a cozy, quiet spot right next to Human’s bed. Don’t tell, but sometimes I sneak onto Human’s pillow. It’s a little softer than mine and doesn’t have such a slippery pillow case. Anyway, today is sunny and not so wet, but it’s hot! Will I ever get outside? Oh, and yesterday I was climbing a tower of boxes when a big, flat one fell, making a terrible racket! Human’s sister scolded me to no end. I jumped on Human’s bed and began licking myself- which is a great way of calming yourself down. (At least for cats, ahem.) So, I must now depart with this message:

-The Puffster


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