Stretch Style and catbits of things

Puffy here. You wanna know my stretch style? Well, first I stick my back legs behind me as far as they can go. (Back-leg stretch) Then I stretch my front legs out in front of me. And that’s my stretch style. I always do it in the morning or when I wake up from a nap. Speaking of naps…………  Ok , sorry I just fell asleep. Cats! I’ve been asleep for 45 minutes! Human will be back soon, and I have to hurry!  Anyway, do you like catnip? I sure do! I go cat crazy for it! Here’s a picture………. I bet you want some catnip now. You can just smell it. You can feel the leaves rubbing on your pelt. Hehe. Oh, I am so evil.

Actually, it’s been furrever since Human bought me catnip! I’ll have to talk to her about that……….   The best kind of catnip (in my and Human’s opinion) is Smarty Kat. You can find it and other Smarty Kat products at Walmart, according to Human. This   is a great deal. For just $4 you get catnip and a toy! The toy can be refilled with catnip again and again. Human has to get me this. I make her get it, then I’ll make her take pictures of it and I’ll do a review. Just For Cats from the company Hartz has good catnip, too.  So….. Human is gone, and I’m left to guard the house. I’m a watch cat. Except since I’m working on this blog,  not exactly watching. Um…….. yea. So I guess I’ll go prowl around the house a few times, then take a doze.


                  -The Puffster


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