Long Time, No Post…..

Puffy here. I’m so sorry about no posts…. anyway…………… Human will be back soon to produce the third Catty On The Catwalk post. So……………… you will never believe the ridiculous thing Human made a few days ago…….. I dread it. Ever since Human found the pet top hat online, the one with the green glitter hatband, she has wanted it for me. So she made me one out of black construction paper with a green hatband (also made of construction paper) and whenever I’m asleep she comes over and puts the silly thing on my head, takes a picture, shows it to everybody, and starts laughing like crazy. Boy, I couldn’t get back to sleep for how loud she was! I tried to tear the wretched thing when it fell off my head and into my basket where I was sleeping, but she snatched it away before I could. Even an hour after she’d taken the picture, she was still giggling. Anyway, right now I’m left alone at Human’s house while she’s out visiting somebody. Ooh, time for a nap! Before I go though, here is a bit of advice:

– The Puffster


Catty On The Catwalk Part 2: Hats and more

So….. here we are with part 2 of Catty On The Catwalk.

This hat is lovely and looks so cute on this kitty. Find it here.

Cat Hat & Paw Accessories  - Pet Wedding  -  Photo Prop

It even comes with lovely cuffs to match.

I just love this simple top hat with the glittery hatband. Find it here.

Pet Hat - Glittery Glam

I’m a lover of steampunk and cats. What could be better than this?! Find it here.

Cat Hat Steampunk - Mad Scientist

A fancy French Beret for the Ooh La La Kitty, non? Find ze beret ‘ere.

Pink French Beret for Cats or Dogs - Hand Felted Wool French Beret

Ah, Puffy adores this one. He’s wants me to buy it so he can rule his kingdom with a kingly air. Find it here.

Royal Cat Crown - Cat Crown - Cat Queen - Cat King Crown - Prince Crown

Oh, this is the perfect hat for a lady cat. I love the light, summery colors. Find it here.

Hat for Cat - Easter Bonnet - Serenity Blue Flower

Another beret, but zis time in a lovely light blue for a handsome boy cat. Find it ‘ere.

Cat French Beret - Wool Hand Felted Mini Beret for Pets

And now for ze best hat of zem all- a lovely cupcake hat in pink shades! Find it here.

Cat Hat Small Dog Hat - The Kitty Cat Cupcake Hat - Pet Party Hat - Cat Costume Small Dog Costume

And that ends Catty On The Catwalk Part 2. Come back tomorrow for Catty On The Catwalk Part 2.



Catty on the Catwalk Part 1: Collars And Cute Meets Cat

Kitty-Kat here.  I found the greatest cat collars on Etsy! And I’m starting a thing called Cute Meets Cat. Now before we check out the awesome cat collars I found, here are a few awesome cat toys I came across.

Oh man! I adore Oreos! Puffy is black and white like an Oreo. What could be better than a chocolate sandwich cookie stuffed with catnip creme? 😉  They’re from the Etsy shop Brumby’s Yarns.

Cat Oreos- Organic Catnip Cat Toys- Set of Two

If your a donut lover these cat toys will sure hit the spot! For you and the cat, because they’re stuffed with organic catnip! 🙂

These are from Brumby’s Yarns as well.

Cat Toy Doughnut Organic Catnip Cat Toy

Oh my goodness! I shrieked when I saw these! I am a HUGE cupcake lover!!!!!! These are even stuffed with catnip! What’s not to love?

Cat Cupcakes- Organic Catnip Toys

And now for cat fashion! The first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful handmade crocheted Shades Of Blue cat collar from Brumby’s Yarns. (I love that Etsy shop. I’m not going to link to it again, since I have 2 times already.) If you don’t want your cat sneaking up on birds, then this is a good collar for your cat, as it has a bell.

Oh, I love love love this collar! So chic! So summery! From OnlyCats.

Cat Collar - Mini Dot-N-Square Aqua, Blue Cat Collar, Kitten Collar, Breakaway Cat Collar, NO.3

I love polka-dots! This would look great on Puffy! See it here.

Cat Collar - Handmade - Mink spotty fabric design

I don’t really like the tag, but the collar itself has a great print! See it here.

Safety cat collar - Personalized Name Charm - Pet Tag - Cat Tag - Antique Brass - Red Roses

Oh, come on. I’m not believing all the awesome cat collars I’m finding! I just adore mint green, and the studs add a cool character. See it here.

Mint Green Studs Cat collar

I can’t resist polka-dots- especially in yellow. Find it here.

Cat Collar - Yellow Polka Dots

I just love cheveron, and since it is “in” why not get this fabulous green cheveron cat collar?

Find it here.

Cat Collar - Green Chevron

And now I’m finishing up with the greatest cat collar of them all…… The Paris Skyline Cat Collar!!! I love Paris! And Paris-themed cat stuff is a MUST! It even comes with a tiny Eiffel Tower Charm!

Paris Skyline Cat Collar with Eiffel tower charm

Here’s a look at that tiny charm that is so adorable!

And now for Cute Meets Cat.


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most adorable little kitty-witty boo boo in da whole world!!!!! Ok, sorry about that. So, that ends the post for today. Come back tomorrow for Catty On the Catwalk Part 2 and another Cute Meets Cat picture!


Rain Rain Rain

All there’s been lately is rain, rain, and yet more rain. Ugh. If you humans were cats, you’d understand our hate of this wet stuff. But, well, if you’re a cat reading this, then yay! You actually understand! All I’ve been doing is sleeping in my special spot. My special spot is a pillow on top of a high box in a corner. It’s a cozy, quiet spot right next to Human’s bed. Don’t tell, but sometimes I sneak onto Human’s pillow. It’s a little softer than mine and doesn’t have such a slippery pillow case. Anyway, today is sunny and not so wet, but it’s hot! Will I ever get outside? Oh, and yesterday I was climbing a tower of boxes when a big, flat one fell, making a terrible racket! Human’s sister scolded me to no end. I jumped on Human’s bed and began licking myself- which is a great way of calming yourself down. (At least for cats, ahem.) So, I must now depart with this message:

-The Puffster

Stretch Style and catbits of things

Puffy here. You wanna know my stretch style? Well, first I stick my back legs behind me as far as they can go. (Back-leg stretch) Then I stretch my front legs out in front of me. And that’s my stretch style. I always do it in the morning or when I wake up from a nap. Speaking of naps…………  Ok , sorry I just fell asleep. Cats! I’ve been asleep for 45 minutes! Human will be back soon, and I have to hurry!  Anyway, do you like catnip? I sure do! I go cat crazy for it! Here’s a picture………. I bet you want some catnip now. You can just smell it. You can feel the leaves rubbing on your pelt. Hehe. Oh, I am so evil.

Actually, it’s been furrever since Human bought me catnip! I’ll have to talk to her about that……….   The best kind of catnip (in my and Human’s opinion) is Smarty Kat. You can find it and other Smarty Kat products at Walmart, according to Human. This   is a great deal. For just $4 you get catnip and a toy! The toy can be refilled with catnip again and again. Human has to get me this. I make her get it, then I’ll make her take pictures of it and I’ll do a review. Just For Cats from the company Hartz has good catnip, too.  So….. Human is gone, and I’m left to guard the house. I’m a watch cat. Except since I’m working on this blog,  not exactly watching. Um…….. yea. So I guess I’ll go prowl around the house a few times, then take a doze.


                  -The Puffster


Hi! Welcome to my new blog about my fun cat, Puffy.  There will be reviews, news, and more. This is the blog for the cat lover! Be sure to check out my other wordpress blog, The Many Dolls In My Room. Thanks for coming! By the way, Puffy will posting as well as me. 😉   -Kitty-Kat